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Selecting the Right CCTV Camera System

With the wide variety of CCTV cameras offered by Gadspot, it's often hard to know exactly which camera you'll need for your business's surveillance system needs. The primary consideration for camera strength is the distance you'll need your CCTV surveillance camera to see.

If you're looking surveillance of a storefront, a 520TVL CCTV camera system, which is effective up to 15 meters, is enough to provide a high resolution feed for all of your critical operations like cash registers and doors. For warehouses and outdoor areas, we recommend a 700TVL CCTV camera system, which can capture images of vehicles traveling up to 30mph at up to 80 meters.

If you'll be positioning CCTV cameras outside or in areas that need weatherproofing, rest assured that our TVL-series cameras come in both indoor- and outdoor-rated models. Every model of CCTV camera offered at Gadspot works seamlessly with Gadspot's digital DVR boxes and is capable of supporting both complex and simple security installations, from just 1 camera up to 16 total, in multiple configurations. The perfect security installation for you might feature a combination consisting of four 700TVL cameras for long-range or outdoor use and four 520TVL cameras for monitoring cash registers and entryways.